Why there is a Greater Threat of Kidney Stones in the summer?

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April 16, 2019
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Why there is a Greater Threat of Kidney Stones in the summer?

Summers might seem pleasant to many after the harsh winter, but medically speaking our bodies are prone to a variety of diseases during this time.

One such disease is developing a kidney stone.

Kidney stones are a common problem in most adults, but the risks of developing it increase manifold during the summer season. There are more cases of kidney stone treatment today in the summer season than at any other time throughout the year.

To understand why this happens, we need to understand what a kidney stone is:

What are kidney stones?

To put it in simple terms, kidney stones are crystallized deposits of minerals in the kidneys. They usually develop when the kidneys are unable to filter the minerals and salts in the body due to a lack of fluids in the system.

Kidney stones can be avoided by drinking enough amounts of water. But during the summer season, our body tends to lose more water than usual, and if we are not compensating the lost water with adequate hydration, we are at a greater risk of developing kidney stones.

How to treat kidney stones?

The process of removing kidney stones depends on the size of the deposit. If the deposit is small, it can be dissolved using proper medication. However, if the stone is quite large in size, you will need to have it removed surgically. Luckily, most of the best kidney treatment hospital are in possession of the latest methods of kidney stone removal that are both painless and minimally intrusive.

It is important to remember that a kidney stone will not be problematic until it finds its way to the urinary tract and the bladder. When that happens, the patient may experience acute pain, along with symptoms like nausea, high fever or bloody urine. The moment you experience any of these symptoms, you should rush to your nearby hospital immediately.

Adults ranging from the age of twenty to fifty are at the greatest risk of developing kidney stones, which is why it is important for them to stay hydrated, especially during the summer season. Also, if you have had a kidney stone once, it does not mean that you are not at risk of developing one once again.

How to prevent kidney stones?

Kidney stones can be extremely discomforting and painful. However, they can be prevented by following a few simple steps. Here are some ways in which you can protect yourself from kidney stones during the summer season:

  • Be sure to hydrate adequately. Our body tends to lose a lot of water during the summers. If we do not hydrate properly, the urine becomes concentrated, which leads to a malfunctioning of the kidneys, and results in kidney stones. It is important to drink at least three litres of fluids regularly, and even more if the body demands so.
  • Maintaining a proper diet is another important factor which plays an important role in the prevention of kidney stones. Make sure that your summer diet has lower amounts of protein, oxalate, sodium, and sugar, as these may lead to an increase in the calcium content in the kidneys, and thereby put you at a higher risk of developing kidney stones.

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