Experienced Doctors

Umkal Hospital one of the oldest Serving Hospital in Gurgaon for about 20 years was the only hospital in Gurgaon till almost early 2000s! Led by one of the most respected senior Surgeons & founder of the Hospital Dr. Umesh Gupta. A team of specialist & experienced doctors and surgeons provide services to patients for…

Modern Lab Test

Umkal Hospital has undergone intense upgradation and modernisation. The equipment’s and facilities are in line with the best Hospitals and Laboratories for any kind of test and diagnostics! With digital registration eCommerce booking of tests and complete reports on email along with physical report copies.

Latest Technology

One of the most innovative development that has taken place is in the area of modern medicine and healthcare! The marriage of mind and machine with technology bringing in Telecom, Internet and fiberoptic has practically made diagnostics & healthcare a matter of absolute accuracy. Umkal Hospital has Adopted technology and married the technological Innovation with…

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